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Charcoal, Wood, and Fuel can be pre-deposited in the pit or smoker if desired, but NOT lit prior to arrival or meat check.


Meats are NOT to be pre-marinated, seasoned, sauced, or trimmed prior to arrival on the event grounds and meat check. 


Cook-off Categories are: Chicken and Ribs

Acceptable cuts of meat include:


Chicken - (Legs, Thighs, Breast)

Ribs - (Spare, St. Louis, Baby back) 6 Bones


Submission boxes must be white, made of Styrofoam.      

Garnish: Acceptable forms of garnish for submission boxes include: parsley, mustard greens, kale, or fresh green lettuce.


What To Bring:


Grill/Smoker, Tent/Camper/RV, cooler, tables, chairs, cooking supplies, lights, power supply/generator.


May 18, 2024 BBQ Cook-off Itinerary


7a-9a: Arrive & Setup

9a-9:15a: Cooks Meeting

9:15a: Fire Up/Start Grills - Cook-Off

2pm: 1st Submission (Chicken Entries)

3pm: 2nd Submission (Ribs Entries)

3pm: Judging/deliberations

5pm: Winners Announcement


Judging Criteria:


Flavor Profile




Prizes ($2,000  in CASH prizes)



1st place  -$500

2nd place -$350

3rd place  -$200



1st place  -$500

2nd place -$350

3rd place  -$200


Team passes are good for Saturday & Sunday entry.

Are you ready? Let's go!

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